Antenna List

Space and terrestrial communications antennas provide communication service through communication satellites.
Radio telescope for astronomical and geodetic observation using celestial radio energy.
Microwave antenna for terrestrial communication
Antenna for DTV FM/AM broadcasting
Other special-purpose antennas (for tactical navigation facilities, radio wave monitoring purposes, etc.)
The above-ground station system integration work (System Integration)



Mobile telecommunication antennas are for high-quality services in interior and exterior environments.
These products provide beamwidth and gain suitable for conditions such as downtown area, the interior of the building, and the outer city. We have 3G, 4G, and 5G band products and provide directional, omnidirectional, and environment-friendly military antennas according to environmental conditions.

Base Station Antennas

• 1G to 5G single and multi-frequency band service
• Implement Multi-Port MIMO services such as 2Port – 10Port
• Implement wireless network high-performance active array multi-band service
• Provide easy performance (gain, beam width) for outdoor wireless network infrastructure composition

Integrated 6Port,10Port Antenna(TACAN)

Integrated Diplexer Built-in Antenna (TACAN)

Single Band Antenna (TACAN)

Environment-friendly Antennas

• Environment-friendly camouflage antennas designed to assimilate with the surrounding environment (for complaint resolution)
• Special types of products such as LED lighting and solar panel

Ceiling Lamp Camouflage Antenna(TACAN)

LED Lamp Camouflage Antenna (TACAN)

Solar Panel Camouflage Antenna (TACAN)

In-building Antenna (Omnidirectional, Patch, LP)

• 1G to 5G single and multi-frequency band service
• Implement ultra-slim, ultra-light antenna structure and Multi Port MIMO
• Various model (gain, beam width) optimized for building interior





SISO Patch Antenna (TACAN)


MIMO Patch Antenna(TACAN)