"World's #1 Wireless Network Product Manufacturer"

Pelican network Inc. is the #1 supplier of 5G, and fiber optics network-related products for major Korean and Worldwide telecom companies. We are the agent for many proven vendors in the industry of this growing market.
The quality and support of each product is the most important element of success in building a network. We understand how to bring these proven suppliers to the market to support your high standard demands.

Pelican System Solutions’ Value & Capability


Pelican Network Inc. has a world-class sales team to provide 4,5G wireless including 5G, LTE A, LTE, EVDO, HS(x)PA(+), WiMax, etc. network products, and Fiber Optics network products. Pelican Network Inc. has good Industry relationship and networks.


Pelican Network Inc. has experience in the successful homologation of its wireless and wireline network products and solutions.

Engineering Support

Korean partners have proved their engineering support for many different countries, having accumulated network parameters of multiple operators worldwide. Korean engineers have no limitation in traveling to America and S. America. (quick response is the key of IoT)

Sales Capability

Pelican Network Inc. has experience in shipping worldwide market.

Benefits to a Pelican Network Inc. Partnership

Knowledge of 4G, 5G, Fiver Optics

Good experience of distribution of wireless products
Solid relationship with major wireless operators worldwide

Supply Chain Planning

Effective stock management by warehouse.
Reduction of capital cost.
Understand supply channel of North & Latin Americas

Logistic & Customer Care

Logistics and customer service capability know-how.

Local Manufacturing Support

Pelican Network Inc. can offer SKD, CKD to cope in many countries.(Brazil)